Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Can you run DOTA2 beta on an Intel Graphics Laptop?

DOTA2 or Demons On Toasted Almonds 2 is a multiplayer game akin to well, DOTA or League of Legends. The game is currently in beta for a late 2012 or early 2013 release. You play as different factions as you fight for you life in a team and hope to bring the world together and stop the other team for winning or something easily fun like that.

It's currently planned as a F2P game but a lot of beta testing and tweaking is clearly going on behind the scenes. The game looks amazing and is graphically quite a step up from the original Warcraft 3-style but quite a lot darker when compared to the League of Legends aesthetic.

Regardless of how it looks, does the game run on an Intel Graphics laptop?

DOTA2 or DOTA2Fast2Furious is a great game, from what I've seen, sadly it doesn't run too well on this shabby creature. Starting up the game, it takes about five minutes for initial installation from first click to the black screen. There's splash for a while then we get a few logos, including the famous Valve baldy guy. The menu comes on screen and I already know from the beginning things aren't going to be good.

The game finally starts and the music is skipping, the chains aren't working properly and it's just a real mess. I'm not blaming the game designers or anyone at Valve for this, this is simply my machine being too old. Once all the music stops skipping like a good IDM track, I adjust some settings turn the resolution down to 800 x 600 and try and play the game. Didn't work too well, music still skipping, darn. I tried adjusting the textures and it paused for a while before crashing completely. The game is dead to me, or at least I can get something powerful enough to run it.

While DOTA2, or Drying Out The Alpacas 2,  looks like an anarchic amount of fun, I guess I'll just have to wait till December to see what all the fuss is about. You can actually pre-order the game now for Early Access via Steam or beg someone for a beta code. You didn't think I'd cruise perfectly with every game that I had, did you? Why even run this blog if it's gonna be, hey every game I have runs fine...that'd be totally useless. Well, now you know.

If you want me to test any other games or simply have a question for me or want to create more DOTA 2 titles, don't hesitate to email me or buzz me on Twitter: @TotesVidya

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